Anti-Ageing Clinic

With the help of seasoned professionals, we aim to provide methods to bring back flawless and fresh skin. Ageing is an inevitable process that one can simultaneously embrace yet alter. Our services can not only prevent the most apparent manifestations of ageing but can also reverse them through oral and topical medication, wide range of laser treatments and minimally invasive procedures .

Ageing Hands

The earliest and most common manifestation of old age is visible on your hands. Roughness, change of texture, visibility of veins may be the prominent signs of aging. To soften, smoothen and restore the elegance of your palms, you can avail our treatments that include fillers, fat transfer injections.


Sagging Skin and Double Chin

With growing age, loss of volume and skin sagging becomes quite evident on your skin.

Initially signs include slackening and later accentuate into permanently sagged skin.Excessive fat deposit under the chin can lead to a “double chin” which can be treated with the blend of personalized treatments which includes – botox and fillers, fat dissolving injection, threadlifts, liposuction, coolsculpt.

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Loss of Volume

Volume loss can cause loosening of the skin which can make individuals appear older. Decrement of Collagen protein in the body is also a key factor

in the reduction of the structural firmness and tightness. With a mix of invasive and non invasive treatments we can aid in reestablishing the lost volume and bringing back the fresh & youthful appearance.

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Fine Lines and Creases

Sun exposure plays a prominent role in developing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. The focus of attention is the face and most. people like to keep it clear and clean with no evident lines.

Our treatments can revive the diminished glow and result in contoured jaw line, refined oval face, large and rested eyes, natural and subtle life of eyebrows, sharp and high cheekbones.

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Uneven Skin Texture

Both internal and external factors such as sun exposure, pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance can take a toll on skin to cause pigmentation

, open pores, dull texture making the skin-tone uneven. Losing its potential to retain water, dehydration may become overtly traceable on your skin. In order to treat this, we have various treatments which can be personalized as per the needs and requirements of our patients.
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Eye Bags

Puffiness around the eyes can make one appear exhausted, stressed and uneasy. Eye bags can be caused

due to loosening of the ligaments below your eyes  that hold the fatty tissue. Our facility offers numerous treatments to reduce this hollowness and pigmentation to a considerable extent aiding skin to look rejuvenated.
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Wrinkles are an inevitable occurrences that can appear due to age, excessive sun exposure, unhealthy diet, smoking amongst other reasons.

Facial support structures can loosen with growing age. At Dermapurity we offer rejuvenating treatments to smooth unwanted wrinkles and make them less visible. Some methods of treatment include skin-resurfacing methods, fillers, injectable and surgery.

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Vaginal Tightening Treatment

With age, collagen fiber begins to lose its elasticity which makes skin more wrinkled and rested. Parenthood, child birth, and menopause can
furthermore contribute to being the reasons for vaginal changes.

Initially surgery was the only option to treat lose vaginal areas, however with the advancement of technology we provide a non-invasive vaginal tightening FDA approved treatment.

How does it work?
Monopolar radio frequency helps in formation of new collagen by offering heat to deeper tissues. The whole process focuses on building the collagen naturally which ultimately helps in tightening the tissues.

Does it hurt?
The treatment does not hurt at all, patient may feel slight warm sensations which is completely comfortable and safe.

How long does it take?
The process takes about 30-40 minutes with no down time. Minimum 4-5 sessions are required.

What results to expect?
It varies from patient to patient, but you will surely get 70 – 80 percent positive results with respect to skin tightening and improvement in the vaginal appearance.

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