As a bride or groom, you’ve always dreamt of looking gorgeous on your wedding day, but what about your look after the BIG day?

Weddings are a turning point that takes you from one phase to a new & different one. So why limit your stunning look to just one day? Perpetuate it beyond the wedding date and make the life ahead beautiful too.

Getting married? Then you should definitely not be the one taking stress and panicking about your pre-wedding beauty & grooming needs! Since, it’s your special day, with all eyes on you. And you deserve the perfect flawless skin. We’ve got your back covered with Dermapuritys Pre-Bridal/ Pre-grooming packages that can be completely customized as per your needs.

Dermapuritys customized wedding skincare services are crafted by our team of experts to let your beauty stay beyond your wedding day. While you can enhance & upgrade your beauty externally, one should also consider that it is your skin’s natural beauty that forms the substructure of your bridal or groom look. All that bridal skin make-up does is, cover up acne, blemishes or skin pigmentation etc. temporarily. But what exactly your skin needs is deep-rooted skincare attention and therapy. At Dermapuritys, we aim to impact at a deeper level in order to deliver results that highlight your beautiful look. The vision of Dermapuritys is to create a holistic approach to beauty by giving customer’s personal attention with professional expertise and the latest technological advances in surgical and cosmetic dermatology.

The months leading up to a wedding are always a stressful time and that’s where we come in to ease your nerves! Our specially categorized pre-bridal and pre-groom packages will pamper you from head to toe and reveal a bridal and groom glow respectively like none other! Starting early is crucial and we strongly recommend that you start getting serious about bridal skin care months before the wedding day.


As you move closer to the wedding day, you can feel the stress build-up. But don’t worry, as you’ve to take good care of your skin and maintain its health.


Between all the hustle-bustle of wedding preps, it’s easy to forget something as simple as having enough water.

The key to glowing skin is water. So, plan your diet accordingly. Include lots of watermelons in your diet and set reminders to ensure that you drink water regularly. Maximize the intake of green vegetables, fruits and treat yourself with herbal teas as they hydrate the body really well.


Stress can cause skin breakouts and make you look dull. So yes, the most important part is to take steps to manage your stress on a daily basis. You can also try meditating for about 10 minutes in the morning or at night.

We offer exclusive packages & services for Bride, Groom & their families or friends to treat their skin & hair prior to the big day. We suggest planning long-term treatments to attain maximum results before the main functions. Each and every concern is looked after by an expert dermatologist that suggests treatments needed to give lasting results. Given the pollution level we live in these days, your skin needs excess hydration & hence a boost of antioxidants and multivitamins through IVS and in facials is recommended to brides-to-be. You can break out and have rashes just before the wedding, opting for organic facials can give an instant glow lasting up to 2-3 weeks.

Dermapuritys – Skin & Hair Clinic also offers an array of services for the groom as well, treatments like beard shaping & facials to give the groom a fresh look on his big day.

Brightening and lightening treatment for the whole family through lasers & facials is also included here at Dermapuritys. We look after the skin & hair care needs of the entire family. Our customized wedding skincare services are crafted by our experts to let your beauty stay beyond your wedding day. We will make sure to turn every stone to make you look Beautiful and the Best!