It is one of the outstanding treatment for laser resurfacing. The process improves skin texture, uneven tone, pigmentation, and reduces wrinkles around the eyes and face. This focuses on the damaged or lifeless skin; creates microscopic laser column that goes deeper inside the skin and targets the fractured tissues.

The treatment encourages skin rehabilitation with minimal redness and downtime. During the process, it exfoliates the dead skin and gives you a healthy and energizing skin tone and texture.

For open pores, fine lines, and wrinkles

The Fraxel is highly demanded with respect to cleansing of fine lines, wrinkles, and open pores. Comparatively, Fraxel produces much better results than laser treatment. The process focuses on the deeper tissue and forces the natural healing process by replacing the old cells with the new.


One can see progressive results within the two or more sessions. Consistent sessions for 3-6 months can give you long-lasting results and you will see dramatic changes in your skin.

For Acne and Stretch Marks

This Gold Standard treatment helps in removing the deep-dark acne scars and stretch marks. The process focuses on the damaged skin with micro thermal standards that goes deep inside the dermis and heal the damaged zones. It is recommended that one should take a few sessions for 100 percent improvement and durable results.