Hair Extension

Add length or volume to your hair. Our services present you with a wealth of new possibilities to enhance your hairstyle. Dermapurity meets all your expectations on hair extension services. We have been in the hair extension business for years. We offer several top brands and types of hair extensions that are mostly liked by our huge clientele.

Hair Extension Services

Finding the right type of hair extension could be a little tricky for you. While there are several methods available in the industry providing hair extension services, not all methods are suitable for you. We have the best hair extension services to make you look younger and confident. Before you go for a hair extension have a look at our hair extension services.

Babe Hair Extension

We use 100% natural hair so that you get a smooth hair texture that looks natural and beautiful. No use of heat means no damage to the hair. We forbid the use of synthetic coatings like silicone. Babe hair extension is a great way to add a natural length to your existing hair.

Great Length Hair Extension

A keratin bond is used to naturally attach the hair extension to your hair with wonderful quality and extreme flat bonding that is normally not visible. It is a long-lasting bond with a variety of style, color, and length which is extremely easy to care for.


This technique does not make use of any heating tools which is quite innovative in this industry. This system lasts for eight to ten weeks and can be applied again up to four times. It makes use of just a clip and combs to give you a full long hair within an hour.


Tape-In is a semi-permanent hair extension solution. It makes use of the same technique which is used in wig making. This method goes fairly quickly in less than two hours. The hair needs to be re-applied and re-taped in 7-8 weeks.

Keratin Extension

Cold Fusion method is used in Keratin Extension technique which makes use of a sound wave machine so that the keratin tipped hair extension can be attached. The sound waves soften the keratin hair extension using friction to create a strong bond without the use of heat.