Hair Patch Treatment

Now, you don’t have to shy away from patchy Alopecia Areata (bald spots) that has been a hurdle to your growth and development. We have a solution for it.

Dermapurity exists to offer natural-looking, simple-to-use, and ready solution to those who are suffering from any kind of hair loss.

About the Treatment

The treatment is popularly known as artificial hair restoration. The treatment is specially designed for those who suffer from Alopecia Areata and provide them a complete solution by offering natural-looking hair restoration.

It is non-surgical treatment, where a patch of hair or wig extension is placed on the affected area with the help of cosmetic glue and clips which are extremely safe and non-allergic.

It is an effective method of hair restoration and people often opt for this treatment because hair transplant is a surgical process and quite expensive.

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Am I Eligible?

Hair patch treatment is one of the most convenient hair restoration options for those with partial hair loss. One of the advantages of hair patch treatment is that it is a non-surgical process. It is a customized treatment where experts analyse the severity of hair loss and provide tailor-made treatments to them. We at Dermapurity also use wigs that give a natural look alongside recomending patients to take hair patch treatments. Once the treatment is done, you can easily wash, dry and even comb your hair. All age groups and genders can opt for this treatment to relive their life with confidence.

Any Side Effects?

Since it is a non-surgical procedure, there are no particular side effects. Cosmetic glue and clips used in the treatment are extremely safe and do not lead to any allergies or infections.

How long does it take?

The actual treatment takes about a few hours but the complete artificial hair treatment is completed in weekly sessions.

Advantages of Hair Patch

Recovery Time

Why to get treatment of Hair Patch?

  • Hair patch treatment is a non-surgical hair replacement system.
  • There is no particular side effect of the procedure.
  • This technique is suitable for any hair types that will ensure undetectable hair for the customers.
  • Hair patches are one of the fastest at an affordable price hair loss treatment available in the market.
  • Hair patches for bald sections are the quickest and easiest way to conceal baldness