What is Thermage?

Thermage is a highly qualified treatment which has been performed even by celebrities such as – Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow because of its zero downtime, non-surgical, and non-invasiveness. It is a facial and body treatment used to tighten and lift the skin by encouraging the collagen formation. Although it takes months for collagen to produce the high and heated radiofrequency helps it to grow at a faster rate and that ultimately leads to smoother and tighter skin.

How does it work?

The radiofrequency waves heat the deeper layers if the skin; remodel the old collagen and stimulate the new collagen formation that makes the skin hydrated, fresh, and young.

Is it Painful?

Because it is a non-surgical process thus, it is not painful. The process supplies heat to the deeper layers of the skin for the stimulation of collagen and many patients have witnessed its fruitful results with minimal discomfort. It is advised that the patients who have to undergo this process should apply anesthetic cream for 60 minutes or take analgesic tablets two hours prior to the treatment.

What is Thermage CPT?

Thermage CPT stands for Comfort Pulse Technology which is a third generation technology. Understanding the abbreviation, it is quite evident that the process enhances the comfort level. The technology has a tip that vibrates and distracts you from the heat sensation. Thermage CPT is blended with the Total Tip which doubles the heating while measuring the safety and comfort level to attain the best end results.

What makes Thermage Different?

It is a monopolar radiofrequency technology independent of skin color. This single session treatment delivers instant results and provides improvement within 6 months. The process tightens, contours, and hydrates the skin and gives your face a youthful version.

How long does it take?

Time depends on the area to be treated. Facial thermage typically takes 45 to 60 minutes while eye thermage takes less than 30 minutes. This is the most effective treatment which has no downtime and one can easily resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Can we Combine Thermage with other treatments?

Thermage is quite compatible and can go simultaneously with other treatments as well. Thermage can be done alongside Fraxel laser which enhances your skin and eliminates aging effects from your skin. If you take Dermal Fillers and botox after Thermage, this would result in long-lasting contouring. All laser treatments can be taken place with thermage which does not harm your skin rather produces the most effective results.

When do we repeat Thermage?

Up to six months, the effects of thermage will keep improving after a single session of thermage and typically the results last for 2 years. Moreover, exceptions are always there so, it has been evaluated that one can repeat the treatment after six months to get sustainable end results.

Can we take Thermage Around the eyes?

Because the eye area is quite sensitive compared to other parts thus, the process of thermage uses a specialized extension for the eyes. Performed with a separate tip and grid which involves the insertion of an eye shield. For a fact, the use of radiofrequency for tightening the skin under or around the eyes was actually the first to get FDA approval thus, it is completely safe to take thermage treatment around the eyes to make your hooding eyes tightened.

What are the Side-Effects?

Since Thermage is US FDA approved and extremely safe to treat affected areas. The process uses monopolar radiofrequency which is safer than the laser. The whole process is led by experts and doctors to give clients the most effective and positive results hence, neither it has downtime nor side-effects.