Weight Management

Each body is unique and different

A person’s genetic makeup influences their bone structure, size, shape and weight differently, which is why
at Dermapurity we have launched a Weight and Wellness programme which caters to individual needs.

———-Programs at DERMAPURITY———-

4 Step Process

To keep you going with the weight loss, we have designed a strong 4 step process with follow-ups and counseling for you to lose some extra kilos.

Detailed Analysis

The first step in weight loss is to analyse the patient and understand the reasons for weight gain, followed by a detailed study of the nutritional and medical profile that later helps in dertermining the mode of treatment.

Personalized Nutritional Plan

Considering your food preference and your dietary habits, our nutritionists  create a customized diet plan. The nutritionists alter the diet plan as per the result and follow ups with improvisations are done all through the journey.

Personalized Treatments

After a comprehensive analysis of your body, our doctors will offer suitable treatments including session details required for your body to get the maximum result.

Track Records

Your diet intake and hydration levels will be under the supervision of our nutritionists and doctors to offer you the best possible results.

Tired of hearing malnutrition? You must get into our customized diet program which completely focuses on increasing your appetite and adding multiple food groups to reach the targeted weight. Our specialists will first go through your medical background and issues leading to underweight and design a customized diet plan for you.

  1. Taste and Preference

We neither neglect your food preferences nor make a diet plan which goes completely against you. Our experts will take care of your likes and dislikes before designing a diet plan for you.

  1. Diets

We consider your medical issues prior to designing of Diet plan. So, be rest assured!

  1. Schedule

Meal Timings are specifically designed as per your daily life activities.

  1. Fasting

Our experts will adjust your diet plan according to your fasting schedule.

  1. Travel Plan

Our experts will provide a healthy diet plan even if you are constantly traveling.

Typically, body contouring is done to transform the size and shape of any particular area of your body while incorporating invasive and non-invasive treatments. At Dermapurity, we provide high-end non-invasive treatments which are not only safe and painless but also US FDA approved. The treatment allows you to have a body that you have always cherished.


  • US FDA Approval
  • Safe and painless treatments; No Downtime
  • 100 % results in a few sessions
  • Highly trained aestheticians treat our patients
  • Durable and Positive Results

It uses wave technology focusing on stubborn cellulite which are areas of excessive fat deposits which is squeezed between the tissues connected to muscles which looks like a dent over the skin. Women are likely to have more cellulite than men because of the high amount of fat in the body. With the FDA approved technology used at Dermapurity, the process breaks down the fibrous intact bands, encourage collagen production, and increase blood circulation.

Generally, male gynecomastia is a condition of enlarged breasts in men. Men, as well as women produce testosterone and estrogen level that together controls sex characteristics. In males if the production of testosterone decreases while estrogen level increases, it can lead to the growth of breasts. The only possible way to overcome this condition in the past has been through surgery, however, we at Dermapurity use FDA approved technology that focuses on the fat deposit area and stimulates the formation of new collagen for skin tightening and firmness.

Children and Teens

Intake of nutrition is highly important for children and teens as they are in the golden phase of life and need to have a significant amount of energy and nutrition in their body. Our experts plan a well organized and detailed diet plan for this age group.

PCOD and Hormonal Disorder

Sudden weight gain or loss happens because of sudden hormonal imbalance functioning such as – acidity, bloating, water retention, etc. our experts analyze your medical history and offer you the customized diet plan as per your needs and suitability.

Bourgeois Programs

Celebrities need to undergo an extremely hectic schedule and they don’t invest much time on their health and diet. Our expert team offer them a special program after the clinic timings and maintain confidentiality among all the clients.

Aged Programs

People crossing 60 hustle every day with respect to their health if not taken seriously. We have a special program for elderly people where we go through medical issues and provide a significant amount of solutions to them.

With the age, collagen fiber begins to lose its elasticity which makes skin more wrinkled and rested. Parenthood, childbirth, and menopause could also be the reason for vaginal changes. For decades women have been shy about the issue and did not give it much thought and attention because of the patriarchal and conventional ideas of the society. Initially, surgery was the only option to get this fixed, but Dermapurity uses non-invasive vaginal tightening treatment which is also US FDA approved.

Stress Urinary Incontinence is an involuntary leakage of urine. People experience leakage when they – cough, laugh and lift heavy weights or exercise.

The factors which are responsible for this are – age, pregnancy, obesity, severe cough, smoking, and hereditary. 3 out of 4 women are suffering at different levels of stress urinary incontinence. We offer a surgical solution with the Ultra Femme 360 technology that improves collagen and elastic layers. It is completely safe, painless, and have no downtime.

4 Step Process

To keep you going with the weight loss, we have designed a strong 4 step process with follow-ups and counseling for you to lose some extra kilos.


  •  A detailed profile of your medical and nutrition will be taken.
  • Following the profile process, a complete blood checkup will be performed.
  • All the investigations will be done under the guidance of our experts.


  • After analyzing your medical results our team of experts will plan a customized diet to lose the weight speedily.
  • All the programs will be keenly monitored by our nutritionists.
  • Online support will always be present.


  • This is the phase for the long term sustainable weight management.
  • As the improvement will be visible, the changes in your lifestyle and eating preferences will be customized


  • This program will be constantly monitored.
  • Our team of expert nutritionists will help in customizing the recommended changes in lifestyle.
  • We have both medical and psychological support.